Zeroharm Home Services protects your home from the 4 biggest threats: pests, fires and contaminated air-conditioners.

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We have you covered from the 4 biggest threats to your quality of life: pests, breathing diseases, house fires and electrocution.

Zeroharm pest control – Pests are the cause of several diseases

pest control

Total Home Protection

  • Full exterior home barrier spray & treatment
  • All entry point sprayed & treated
  • Interior spray for pests using hospital grade treatment
  • Cockroach gel baits treatment to bathroom & kitchen
  • Spider treatment to home
  • Treatment for ants around the home
  • Full report
Air Conditioners can harbour a great variety of organisms such as mould and bacteria, which can cause health issues

air conditioner

Full hygiene service

  • Split System full filter clean & anti-bacterial sanitisation
  • Full interior coil anti-bacterial & mould clean
  • Interior coil hospital grade sanitisation
  • Interior coil deodorisation to hospital grade
  • Temperature measured & tested
  • Air flow tested
  • 25% OFF additional unit


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Which areas do you cover?

At the moment we service all around the Sunshine Coast, from Noosa to North Lakes.

  • How can I book my service?

Give us a call on 1300 099 778 or send us an email to homeservices@zeroharmsafety.com.au

You can also leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Can I change my Service dates?

Yes, you can. Just call us on 1300 099 778 or email us on homeservices@zeroharmsafety.com.au

  • Do you also cover Businesses?

Yes we do. However, this is a different Service. You can find more information here.